Environmental Initiatives

Our 3R Initiatives for Environments

Marine plastic pollution is becoming a serious social problem.

We are making every effort to protect nature,
not only developing toothbrush made of biomass plastic,
but also reducing weight of packaging and containers
without impairing appearance and strength,and for primary washing of tank,
using discharged impure water during manufacture of pure water for shampoo and cosmetics.

FFID Initiatives

Reduce waste①System to use raw material effectively without waste and produce products.
②To devise maintenance system to prolong the life of machines and products.
③To encourage refillable products.
④To encourage weight reduction of container and packaging.

Recycling / Reuse
①To use of biomass plastic products (toothbrush, packaging) made from bamboo, wood, sugarcane.
②Reuse of byproducts during manufacture.

Biomass-based products

Biomass toothbrush that replaced part of plastic material with plant-based ingredient
is expected to go on sale soon.



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